Thursday, January 12th to Monday January 16th, 2023

We're embarking on a journey

to the beautiful island of Antigua for Five Days & Four Nights.

This wellness retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience deeply rooted in movement, culture, and adventure. All are welcome as we get well on and off the dance floor.

Nestled on a stunning private beach with breathtaking clear waters, Royalton Antigua offers an all-inclusive experience packed with fun adventures plus our exclusive activities for the #socanomicsTribe

Thursday, January 12th

Everyone arrives in style. We have ground airport transfer plus a Private Check-in and Welcome Drinks Upon Arrival. Okay?!


This is the day to unwind. Have the afternoon to yourself to go to straight to the beach or book a session at the Spa. This is your time to become super present and intentional on your travels. 

On this evening, we have our Welcome Reception with Cocktails. 

We'll get to know each other some more while we sip under the sunset. 

Friday, January 13th

We start the morning with a beautiful session of Socanomics!

That's right, some dancing to set us off on the right foot. We know why we're here.

This class is followed by Carnival Body - our group strength and conditioning class. This is obviously the type of vacation where you'll be going home more fit. 

The afternoon is all yours after successfully waking up early to workout. Take a nap, head to the pool, eat at all the restaurants. This is your time boo. 

Friday Evening ends with a sunset soundbath with breathwork and guided meditation. How does that sound? Vibrational sound therapy under the moonlight. Mmhm!