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Feb 1, 2024 - Mar 13, 2024

Revival Part 2: 6-Week Fitness Journey

  • 42Days


It's our same fun revival series, but it is programmed over the course of SIX WEEKS! So That's 21 workouts scheduled 3-4x per week. This time it's about consistency, turning habits into and lifestyle and seeing results over time. 30-40 minutes, Every other day. Your program looks like this: Feb 1: Day 1 Workout Feb 2: Rest Feb 3: Day 2 Workout Feb 4: Rest Feb 5: Day 3 Workout Feb 6: Rest Feb 7: Day 4 Workout and so on... Six weeks of exercise for you to build endurance, stamina and strength. By the end of this program you will see a more confident you! This Challenge is $90 to Join or Free for Monthly and Annual members.


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From $35.00/month

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