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A Wellness Community that Looks Like You!

Cultivated during the pandemic, our inclusive online and in-person community birthed from the dire need for connection and accountability.


Across the globe, BIPOC are underrepresented in Wellness. Our core mission is to ignite the movement of all bodies by creating a community, and fitness platform, that empowers black and brown women to heal, feel seen and be celebrated. 


We provide a judgement-free and safe space for students to get in shape &

FEEL SEXY and celebrate themselves through movement and rhythm. 


Socanomics is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive space. We prioritize cultural diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in order to strengthen the representation our community in Wellness.

Daily Livestream Classes with an In-Studio Feel

From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

In addition to our pop-up in-person experiences, our platform offers livestream online classes plus on-demand workout videos & programs in our 3 more modalities - Socanomics; our signature dance fitness method, Carnival Body; our total body sculpt & conditioning class, as well as Yoga & Soca, our accessible Hatha Vinyasa flow. We create energizing workouts and memorable experiences taught by our team of mindful and empowering master instructors. 


We take a holistic approach to wellbeing, through a combined experience of dance, fitness & culture.

Like Carnival, SOCANOMICS® experience and impactful, empowering and liberating! 



+ Socanomics has an athletic approach to dance-based fitness. We simplify the moves so that anyone at any level can feel successful. 

+ We sequence each class so that you're constantly challenged. After just a few classes you’ll feel stronger and within a few weeks of consistency, you’ll see the results you are looking for. 

+ Cardio is proven to reduce mental stress and anxiety. 

+ We guarantee a cardio burn of up to 1,000 calories with selected fat-burning movements and choreography sequences.

+ Our signature workout builds aerobic endurance, and the low-to-the-ground dance moves blast your core, butt and legs.

+ Carnival Body is designed to chisel every part of the body to the rhythm of the music, so it is challenging, yet fun.

+ The multi-planar exercises and integrated movements improve mobility as well as your neuromuscular response.

+ Our accessible Yoga & Soca helps you to connect intuitive stretching with your meditative practice.

+ Each carefully curated playlist guide our classes classes like an internal GPS. It forces you out of your head and into your body.

+ Our classes help our members dive into their divine feminine energy; They balance your Root and Sacral Chakras by allowing you the freedom of expression.

WE BELIEVE in the power and energy of Soca music
WE SUPPORT the unleashing of Bacchanal
WE ENCOURAGE you to Throw Dat Bumpah!
WE PROMOTE Wotless Behavior!
WE TRUST the rhythm will empower you to let go!
WE KNOW that Socanomics can change your Life!

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