SOCANOMICS® is a dance-fitness platform inspired by Caribbean Carnival and fueled by Soca Music.


What began as a pop-up signature workout, transformed into a global virtual-fitness platform as a result of helping people maintain their health and wellness during the Covid-19 pandemic.


We host thousands of members worldwide on and we provide a menu of virtual classes taught by an array of world class professional dancers and superstar fitness instructors.


Socanomics is a safe space for all-level movers to feel sexy, stay in shape, and build community. You will burn thousands of calories, build endurance, tone your body, and have fun working out from home or anywhere in the world.

Like Carnival, Socanomics is all about the Live Experience - It is empowering, it is healing, and it is liberating!



Our Mission Is To Utilize Culture To Heal Our Mind And Heal Our Body. We Aspire To Revitalize The World Through Dance Fitness, Caribbean Culture, And Soca Music.



This is where culture meets conditioning. SOCANOMICS®  seamlessly combines dance, fitness and the energy of Caribbean carnival into an energizing workout & empowering experience! Socanomics® is designed for all-level movers; the perfect atmosphere for letting loose. You will burn up to 1,000 calories, build endurance, tone your body, all while having fun dancing and building community!


+ This 60-minute workout guarantees a cardio burn with selected fat-burning movements and choreography sequences.


+ Socanomics builds endurance, tones and burns up to 1,000 calories. The low-to-the-ground movements blast your core, legs, and butt. 


+ The integrated movement in this workout challenges your rhythm & musicality and therefore improves the neuromuscular response.

+ The multi-planar movements boost stability, flexibility, mobility, cardiorespiratory efficiency and increase balance.

+ Cardio is proven to reduce mental stress and anxiety. 


+ Each carefully curated playlist guides Socanomics classes like an internal GPS. It forces you out of your head and into your body.


+ It's a fun physical and spiritual experience!


WE BELIEVE in the power and energy of Soca music

WE SUPPORT the unleashing of Bacchanal

WE ENCOURAGE you to Throw Dat Bumpah!

WE PROMOTE Wotless Behavior!

WE TRUST the rhythm will empower you to let go!

WE KNOW that Socanomics can change your Life!