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SOCANOMICS® is a dance-fitness platform inspired by Caribbean Carnival and fueled by Soca Music. 


 What began as a pop-up signature workout, transformed into a global virtual-fitness platform as a result of helping people maintain their health and wellness during the Covid-19 pandemic. SOCANOMICS® seamlessly combines dance, fitness and the energy of Caribbean carnival into energizing workouts & empowering experience


Our mission is to heal, elevate, and unite our global village through lifestyle wellness, Caribbean culture, and community. 


Socanomics. Life. Freedom. Joy. Mas. Cul

We provide a judgement-free and safe space for students to feel sexy, stay in shape, and build community from the comfort of their homes. Like Caribbean Carnival, Socanomics is empowering, healing, and liberating! For that reason, Socanomics has become an international lifestyle movement that inspires our growing #SocanomicsTribe, to keep moving, stay healthy, and live fully through these challenging times and beyond!


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+ Cardio is proven to reduce mental stress and anxiety. 

+ Socanomics guarantees a cardio burn of up to 1,000 calories with selected fat-burning movements and choreography sequences.

+ Socanomics builds aerobic endurance, and the low-to-the-ground dance moves blast your core, butt and legs.

+ Carnival Body which is designed to chisel every part of the body to the rhythm of the music, so it challenging, yet fun.

+ The multi-planar exercises and integrated movements improve mobility as well as your neuromuscular response.

+ Our Yoga helps you to connect intuitive stretching with your meditative practice.

+ Each carefully curated playlist guide our classes classes like an internal GPS. It forces you out of your head and into your body.

+ Our classes help our members dive into their divine feminine energy; They balance your Root and Sacral Chakras by allowing you the freedom of expression.


WE BELIEVE in the power and energy of Soca music

WE SUPPORT the unleashing of Bacchanal

WE ENCOURAGE you to Throw Dat Bumpah!

WE PROMOTE Wotless Behavior!

WE TRUST the rhythm will empower you to let go!

WE KNOW that Socanomics can change your Life!