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28 Day Full Body Training Program

  • 28Days


THIS IS NOT ONLY THE ROAD TO CARNIVAL... IT'S THE JOURNEY TO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! This on-demand program is designed for you to see results with 28 DAYS of Full Body Workouts, 30-minutes each, 6 Days a week, plus a rest day. Each Week you have strength & conditioning on split days: Day 1: Upper Body Day 2: Lower Body Day 3: Back & Chest Day 4: Rest Day Day 5: Abs Day 6: Full Body Day 7: Mobility/Stretch Included in our program are supersets, plyometrics, and mobility work.  You do need free weights for this program. Medium and heavy weights. All exercises can be modified. If you want to get stronger, this is for you. If you want to look better in your costume in 30 days, this is for you. OR if you intend to feel better and healthier overall, this program is absolutely for you! This program is on-demand, but you can become a member of Socanomics and have access to this program PLUS our live classes and ALL of the on-demand videos in our library. So the prices listed are - OPTION ONE: $90 one-time fee for access to just this challenge for 31 days (after day 28 you'll still have access until the 31st) OR OPTION TWO: Choose one of the subscription plans to become a member and have access to unlimited live classes, hundreds of workouts in our on-demand library AND this 28-day program! If you're thinking about it, GO FOR IT! Decide to do it for YOU and let’s get started! Send this to a friend who needs it!


Single Payment
2 Plans Available
From $35.00/month
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