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Embracing the Spirit of Dominica

The Socanomics Wellness Retreat in Dominica was nothing short of magical!

The decision to host retreat #3 in Dominica was inspired by intuition and continuous conversations about all that it had to offer. I can now say, Dominica is like no place I’ve ever been. Truly THE nature island and a representation of heaven in my mind’s eye.

The stunning landscape and warm-hearted people provided the perfect backdrop for a transformative experience.

We stayed at the incredible Jungle Bay Eco-Resort which is now bookmarked as one of my favorites ever!

Samuel Raphael — the owner, the visionary and developer of Jungle Bay — embraced our crew and shared so much of his story with us.

His commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism; his passion for entrepreneurship and self-reliance; his dedication to preserving the land, the people and the economy of Dominica have all left an indelible impact on my mind and heart. 

Easily, Jungle Bay matched our desire to connect with nature and each other.

We were even provided our own dance & yoga studio for the entire you know we turned it out!

Our days flowed from Socanomics to Yoga and wellness activities to sensual feminine embodiment on the New Moon with Aminah. Between naps we all had complimentary Spa massages, toured the garden, and ate all the amazing meals provided (especially soursop and ginger tea.)

Special highlights include our Hiking the 6 mile Gallion Loop and snorkeling in the Champagne Reef with dj mister mix on the set as we sailed into sunset. 

The beauty of our intimate-sized group was reinforced by our openness, heartfelt conversations, personal reflections and embrace of ‘ebb and flow.’ It went far beyond the physical aspects of a wellness retreat. 

Y’all know, Socanomics has always been more than a fitness program—it's a vibrant community, a celebration of Soca & Carnival, an ode to black women, and a journey to self-love. Retreat #3 in Dominica was a blessing in bringing all of that to life!

Your presence, cheering us on from afar, has been the additional blessing behind this wonderful tapestry. 

For a glimpse into the retreat's magic, I invite you stay tuned to our social media channels for our recaps and favorite moments.

On the home-front, some of you are finishing up our latest 21-Day Fitness Program and others are just beginning. Great! I encourage you to continue seizing this energy of the new year for your personal REVIVAL!!! That’s the word for this year!

Keep an eye out for more programs, pop-ups and retreats. Your membership is invaluable as we continue to grow and evolve as a community. Thank you for being part of the Socanomics tribe. Whether online or in real life, I look forward to connecting with each one of you.

Carrying the spirit of Bouyon into the year ahead!

Invite your friends and loved ones to be a part of this community with you. Leave a comment, like or subscribe to!

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