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How was your Wellness Wednesday? I hope you were able to be mindful and present.

I’m not sure how many of you are collectively interested in cosmology, astrology, spirituality and how they intersect but… Mercury Retrograde was wild this month. It just ended and WHEW! I feel the difference and am feeling much more like myself these days. Today’s post isn’t about retrograde though. It is about the upcoming New Moon on Friday, May 19th.

What is the relevance you may ask?

Well the moon affects the tides of the ocean. And as humans, made up of mostly water, it also affects our sleep, our mood, fertility and many things in our existence.

We have the ability to sync with these lunar cycles. They are 29 days just like the average menstrual cycle - and that is absolutely no coincidence!

The moon takes about a month to orbit the Earth and so that means there is a new moon once every month. Flowing consciously with these phases can help us flow more easily and attain stability in our lives.

The New Moon in particular is a great opportunity to start a new project, set goals and practice gratitude. The new moon symbolizes planting a seed that can blossom in your life. As the moon grows through the cycle, your seeds grow too.

With that said, if you are interested in trying something new, I have an activity for you. It is a Bay Leaf ritual that I have been practicing and enjoying.


1. Get some BAY LEAVES from the store.

2. Get a permanent marker.

3. Create some time and space for yourself to meditate on your intentions or goals you want to accomplish in this season.

4. Write them down on the bay leaves. Try limiting to 3 and under

5. You can write, for example, the things you are affirming as a phrase or single words.

6. Leave it in a special place until the night of the new moon

7. On the night of the new moon, feel free to cleanse your home and yourself with Palo Santo or Sage.

8. Then go outside under the light of the moon or at home, safely, with a candle and offer the bay leaves to the fire.... Burn them.

9. For the next few moments or minutes, hold space for yourself to meditate on this offering.

After this, your activity is complete. AND SO IT IS!

I hope you enjoy and make it a continuous part of your ceremony and rituals!

Invite your friends and loved ones to be a part of this wellness journey with you. Leave a comment, like or even subscribe and become a monthly (or annual) member of!

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