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Happy Wellness Wednesday ya’ll! Seeing so many of ya’ll looking so damn good has us wanting to share some of the amazing results of our Socanomics Tribe.

From our November Core Challenge to Round 1 of our Road to Carnival Full Body Training Program immediately followed by Round 2 of our Full Body Training Program… The results are visible and we are so happy for the dedication and discipline of this community.


"I’m leaner and stronger. More stability.... I loved [this program]! It definitely challenged me. [Since beginning Socanomics] I am Down 112 pounds. No surgery. Just keeping my nutrition in check. Socanomics (dance + yoga + sculpt), Muay Thai & 1-on-1 strength training."


"I am Finding my strength!"


"I am seeing definition in my arms and a bit in my abs. My clothes are fitting better. I even went down another waist size!! I can see some changes in my body. I am lifting heavier weights. I am getting stronger! My body feels great! I am going to miss this challenge. I feel so good!! Thank you!! I am a lot stronger than I thought!!"


"It was so nice I had to do it twice. Just proud I showed up for myself"


"Seeing progress. That was WORK but I pushed through! I'm definitely stronger, more toned. I needed that!"


"I loved it!!!"

iLLY, Socanomics Master Instructor

"I feel good! I am very proud of these results"


Ya’ll look TF Good. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your fitness journey! If you are ready for another program to kick off the summer, sound off and let us know.

Also we shared some of your results on our social channels. Head to our instagram now to show some love!

All of our programs are available on Tap in whenever you are ready. Go at your own pace or crush it in the allotted time, challenging yourself to be consistent. We're here fo ra reason... To help each other be better. And that's it. Let's move into Summer 2023 feeling our BEST and more confident in our bodies!

Invite your friends and loved ones to be a part of this wellness journey with you. Leave a comment, like or even subscribe and become a monthly (or annual) member of!

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1 Comment

Amanda Chavis
Amanda Chavis
Apr 27, 2023

Thanks so much for the support and love! I love my tribe always 💕

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