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It's Wellness Wednesday. I always end up having so much to share with you! Let's dive in.

I spoke on an awesome panel at the Heart Expansion Festival in Los Angeles over the weekend. The panel was about Arts, Wellness and Business. I got to speak about my journey as a practitioner and my love for this Socanomics community!

Something that sticks out in my mind from the event is the wonderful young woman who asked me after the panel, where I get my confidence from and how do I do it? Let me run it back and put it into context for you.


I mentioned on the panel that moving to the next level in our career and turning the page to a new chapter in our life requires us to tap into a level of confidence that we’ve never tapped into before. It requires faith and surrender as much as it requires dedication and consistency. It requires showing up LARGER… almost as if you cannot get through the door unless your entire being and mindset has expanded.

Whew! It is as GRAND as it sounds to me too.

After the panel, she asked, well how do you do it? How DO you become THAT confident to move on to the things you dream of or the things you’re too scared to dream of? And my answer for her is the same as the answer I give to myself and to you.

I believe it takes the same tools that we tap into for our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing; the same tools that fine tune our frequency; and the same tools that we use to realign spiritually.

Here are the ones that are most present in my mind for this particular intention.


This is first because it all goes back to our creator. Through God, all things are possible. Ask God to prepare you, shape you, mold you, encourage you, uplift you and to use you. We must be even more prayerful in the doubt. It’s fun to ride the highs, but to move optimistically through the lulls? That's different and essential. It feels so good when everything is in alignment but how about the valleys that come between the peaks? That requires our steadfast prayer and sacred work. If we are diligently in prayer through any lows or plateaus, it’ll take our peaks higher and keep our energetic lows on the shallow end.


Let’s focus on our solar plexus. This chakra is where our self-confidence and identity are born. This is the seat of our personal power and we can feel self-worth and wisdom right here, from the center of our belly button and all the way up to our breastbone.

When it’s blocked you might feel insecure and anxious. You might also experience physical symptoms, including digestive issues. But when balanced you will feel a sense of wisdom, decisiveness, and sovereignty.

Try this: Place your hand on your solar plexus, and do 1-2 minutes of even box breathing: Slowly inhale for 4 counts, and slowly exhale for 4 counts. Then move on to fire breaths: Quick, fast, powerful inhales and exhales through the nose, drawing your belly in on every exhale. Try 100 of these to start. An added element is to visualize the color YELLOW while doing this exercise.


A great way to meditate is with sound.

Try this: Say “NG”. Inhale in silence and when you exhale say “lNNNNNNNGG” for the full breath out.

When saying "NG" you will feel the soundwaves vibrating to the top of your skull. This will stimulate your Crown, the chakra that is known for higher elevation and pure consciousness. It connects us to the entire universe. An added element is to visualize the color VIOLET or WHITE while creating sound.

Another great sound meditation is to recite a mantra.

Try This: place your hands below your bellow button while visualizing the color ORANGE and say “I AM POWERFUL” “I AM CREATIVE” or any other affirmation that you align with.

It will tap you into your sacral chakra, “the place of the self.” This is the home of your creativity and life force energy. This chakra relates to your identity and what you do with it. It is connected to the enrichment and enjoyment of your life here on earth. When blocked, you may become unemotional and closed off to others, feel a creative block, low self-worth, unmotivated. When balanced you’re all about the PLEASURABLE things life has to offer you (without over indulging.)


Palo Santo is known to invite positive energy and Sage is known to get rid of negative energy.

Try This: Smudge your crib to clear the spaces that you are in so you can think more clearly and optimistically about your life versus being a space that drags you down energetically.

(Try not to smudge both at the same time)


I love diffusing oils at home to bring in the energy I am seeking. In addition, if one particular chakra feels blocked, I like to bring awareness to the area through self-massage.

Chakras become blocked by negative energy, so releasing that promotes a healthier energy flow within your body and your mind. This is an incredible remedy to overcome feeling sluggish, stressed, doubtful, and all the things that are in the rabbit hole. There are 7 chakras but for the context of today’s post we are focused on these :

Sandalwood, lemongrass, myrrh, geranium, spearmint, taps us into our solar plexus. Mix 1-2 drops (maybe with a light carrier oil) and massage your belly for 60-90 seconds.

Neroli, Patchouli, ylang ylang, orange, rose, are great for your sacral chakra. Mix 1-2 drops (maybe with a light carrier oil) and massage your pelvis area for 60-90 seconds.

And these essential oils are great for your crown: Angelica, frankincense, myrrh, and white lotus Mix 1-2 drops (maybe with a light carrier oil) and massage the top of your head for 60-90 seconds.


I am ALL ABOUT adding crystals to my breathwork, meditation and color visualization. I cleanse my stones with sage and then sit with them in my hand.

Try This:

Citrine, Calcite, Sunstone, Jasper or Pyrite to tap into your Solar Plexus

Tigers’ Eye, Carnelian, Amber, Goldstone are great for your Sacral Chakra

Clear quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, Lepidolite, or Howlite for the Crown Chakra

Consider wearing them as rings, bracelets, necklaces. Make sure to smudge them often to clear them from the day. I often sleep with my stones on my nightstand or under my pillow.


I always come back to this because it has changed my life. And I don’t remember to do it every day but I do it quite a few times a week.

Try This Powerful 5-5-5: Write 5 affirmations over and over on a page. Do that on 5 pages. Do it again tomorrow, and for the course for 5 days.

For this exercise, think of the things you know about yourself to be true.

I AM _________ . I AM __________. How about the things you want to be true?


This is pretty much voice journaling out loud. Recording into your phone can be scary at first but it’s just for safekeeping and for no one else to ever hear.

Try This: Start with professing your dreams, notice how you feel saying them out loud. Now say them again as though they are your present reality. Notice how you feel.

For extra bonus - listen back to it.


This is one of my favorite ways of visualizing my future. This type of gazing stimulates your third eye, which in spiritual context is truly your first and most important eye.

The Third Eye Chakra relates to your intuition and perception. It is your inner knowing, sense of direction, and clarity through the eyes of SOURCE.

If your 3rd eye is blocked it could include depression, nightmares, frustration, an abundance of ideas but an inability to act on them, an inability to see the bigger picture, feeling stuck in monotony, headaches and migraines, eye, ear and spinal cord issues, disrupted circadian rhythms. The whole sha-bang! Let’s do something else instead.

Try This: Light a candle and gaze into it for 5 minutes while visualizing the life your dreams. Let go of thoughts that are holding you back and instead let your imagination roam free.

For added bonus, You can do this while massaging the space on your forehead between your eyes (this is your 3rd eye), as well as your temples, your sinuses and your jaw.

Of course, you can add essential oils (lavender, frankincense, or clary sage), add color (INDIGO) add stones (Amethyst, Fluorite, Lolite, Sodalite, Labradorite) and add breathwork.

Put it all together! Make it your own unique practice, ceremony and ritual.


All of this is truly helpful in conjunction with the things you are doing practically toward the life you want.

Being more confident and not dimming your light sounds vague but it truly means recognizing your greatness, and allowing yourself to be a vessel for the gifts and knowledge that you've been blessed with -- applying them, whether toward family, your children, career, hobbies or your dreams -- and maximizing them.

If you ever felt you aren’t good enough? Imposter syndrome? Or just feel like something’s off? These could be symptoms of needing to realign and tune up.

Blocked chakras create a lot of imbalance in our minds, bodies, and spirits! Other aspects of your life - finances, relationships, career, and health can suffer as a result.

We have the ability to unblock our energy centers and reignite this flow of celestial energy to create more satisfaction, be more present and have more joy about where we are now and where we are going. Walking into the next chapter, SHINING BRIGHTER, is possible. Reaching your goals with more awareness, confidence and connection to the Divine is your reality.

Try some of these tools above and let me know how it goes.

Invite your friends and loved ones to be a part of this wellness journey with you. Leave a comment, like or even subscribe and become a monthly (or annual) member of!

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