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We hope you are enjoying this weekly check-in with us and with yourself!

What can we do to stay well more consistently?

I've been thinking a lot more lately about internal peace. I say that because I went hiking yesterday morning with a friend who had such peaceful solitude while traveling to Bali recently. Upon returning home, that was all disrupted by hectic schedules, immense traffic and the unsettling things that life can bring. And so now in this quest I am taking through my mind, I ask, what more can we do to maintain peace internally, even when all of the circumstances around us feel misaligned? The answer to that is different for each of us, but that answer is what brings us to our true wellbeing.


At the most tangible level, we can identity where we are emotionally. Some emotions are positive. Think of happiness, joy, interest, curiosity, excitement, gratitude, hope, inspiration, love, and contentment. These emotions feel good. They are positively charged. Then there's sadness, loneliness, depression, anger, jealousy, worry, criticism, fear, and rejection. These can all be difficult and painful to process or even pinpoint. They are negatively charged emotions that can bring down our entire vibration and of course our peace. If we aren't releasing it somewhere, it is absolutely going to seep through the things we do, the conversations we have and all aspect of our day. So the first step is to identify where we're at. TAP IN. Check out this FEELING WHEEL...

Sometimes we don't have the words for what we feel and this wheel can help us to pinpoint the emotion. Once a day maybe? It could be TRANSFORMATIONALLY helpful to just check-in a few times a day with yourself and know what you are generally experiencing.


Once we know how we feel, we have ALL THE TOOLS to get back to a better place. I think the hardest part is knowing when to use the tools and even moreso, tapping into them the moment BEFORE. -----

Before we lose our shit, before we have a breakdown, before we curse everybody out. How? By taking observation of our habits and noticing trends. "I usually get really hot before flipping tables" "I feel like I am not thinking straight before I burn out" or wow "I hold my breath a lot through the day and I think I am anxious about meeting deadlines" and even "I feel suffocated before wanting to cry about etc " These are all great indicators!


Tools like fitness - whether it be dance, resistance training, or Yoga...Tools like meditation and breathwork...Tools like taking space - in your car, in your garden, in the library, down the street - for yourself.... taking a walk, going outside in the sun for 15 minutes, or taking a trip to change your scenery... They are all vital and necessary. And my favorite... Journaling! Such a game changer. When journaling about your day or how you feel, You are talking to yourself and God before even needing to take it to someone else.

Even more vital and seemingly small....Eating well! Juicing. Eating whole foods. Hydrating. WATER WATER WATER! Drink more! It changes our vibration immensely among many other thing. Just drinking water can bring us to a calmer state. Maybe after reading this, you'll grab a glass of water? Yeah, take this as a sign to drink some right now. Just go on ahead and have another glass.


We’ve expanded from offering just fitness to becoming a full wellness platform and community because of two things. People need people and people just need the right tools to stay well. With that said, maybe today you’ll notice in your own Self how you show up for the day and how to make shifts within the moment. Maybe you'll consider coming to class, not even to sweat but just for companionship and holding space. xX

Invite your friends and loved ones to be a part of this wellness community with you. Leave a comment, like or even subscribe and become a monthly (or annual) member of!

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